A Family Reunited

On August 5, 2016 papers were signed to reunite Barb and Corry with their Children!

Because of their addiction Barb and Corry had lost everything including their children.  It has been a long road to recovery and restoration.  Barb made the decision to move into the women’s LAM house and Corry moved into the men’s LAM house where they would have support while they worked on their recovery.  Both obtained jobs, attended LAM, NA and AA meetings and attended church regularly.  Finally they were ready to rent their own house and move their family back home.  This is definitely what LAM is all about!

Barb & Corry & Family

Life After Meth, Inc

Life After Meth Inc. or LAM is a 501c3 faith based organization dedicated to serving those with addictions in the Knox County, Indiana community. Our mission “is to help incarcerated addict recover and re-enter or community.”