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The Life after Meth Program began on May 1, 2005 when a group of concerned citizens, ministers, social workers and recovering addicts met at Salem United Church of Christ in a small town of Westphalia in Knox County in southwestern Indiana.  This meeting was convened to address the growing crisis of methamphetamine use in the community.  Clearly a new community of recovering addicts needed to be formed so that those who were serious about recovery could find a community of support.

After the initial meeting on May 1, 2005 the Life after Meth organization received 501c3 status in October of 2005.  By the summer of 2007 the Sheriff of Knox County invited the L.A.M. (Life after Meth) organization to the jail.  On November 1, 2007 LAM began a Community Model Program to those who were sick and tired of being sick and tired.  This program is peer-facilitated in nature, with a major focus on the 12 Step Program as the Evidence-Based Program utilized as a foundation of its overall programming.  This Community Model was employed because it seeks to form a new community of recovering addicts within the jail setting.  This fit perfectly with the original goal of the LAM organization as it set out to form a new community of recovering addicts within Knox County.  By June 14, of 2010 the program had been expanded to include the volunteer female inmates at the Knox County Jail.

The purpose of the LAM Program is to create a new community of recovering addicts in Knox County.  The Life After Meth, Inc. mission statement “is to help incarcerated addicts recover and re-enter the community.”

We work closely with several agencies in our Knox County community, including the Knox County Sheriff’s Department, KCARC, Dove Employment Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, Knox County Community Foundation, the Knox County Council, the United Way as well as a quarter of the local churches in Knox County.

We have several support groups for the men and women that meet weekly in order to create a new community of recovering addicts in Knox County.  We believe that with God’s grace we can form a strong bond in our community so that those addicts and alcoholics who are sick and tired of being sick and tired can get the help they need.  If you need any help please contact either Peter Haskins or Tania Willis.  See our links page for more information.

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  1. Sara,
    Although our meetings are geared toward people who have been through the LAM program in the jail anyone can attend on the outside. We have a meeting in the work release building at 5:30 on Monday nights and a noon meeting at Baker’s Alley on Wednesday and on Wednesday night from 5:30 to 7:30 we have a meeting at First Baptist Church. The Wednesday night meeting is using the Celebrate Recovery literature and we have sandwiches.

  2. I’m sorry Nichole but we do not have an impatient program. We have a house for women but it is a transition house for those women who are in the program at the Knox County jail.

  3. Nicole when your boyfriend goes to work release there is a Monday night meeting at 5:30 in the work release building. This meeting is a step meeting and he is more than welcome to come.

  4. You guys came to my social work class today and I just wanted to say that I felt it in my heart to tell you that you made an impact on me. I used to see addicts as people who just chose to be addicted but now I realize they are people too. Travis was the one who spoke to us mostly along with his wife in the room and he told us that he needed people like us and that hit my heart hard. It made me realize that my own judgements need to be cast aside and these people need love too and I love the work you guys do. Healing is so important. God bless you all.

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