Banquet 2015

LAM Banquet 2015 IMG_2474 IMG_2471 IMG_2466 William one of our speakers Anna one of our Speakers Christy one of our Speakers Peter Haskins Director Sheriff Mike Morris IMG_2451 IMG_2398 Guest LAM Participants LAM Participants

Tania and the LAM House Girls

Tania and the LAM House Girls

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Giving Back

Barbara and Corry Myers both lived in the LAM houses back in 2016.  As they were getting ready to move into a house of their own with their children the only thing they lacked was a vehicle.  Right before they actually moved a generous person pulled up to the women’s house and gave them a van!  They never forgot this.  Today they pulled up in a van and so generously donated it to Samantha who was stressed out about not having any transportation and not sure what to do about it.  This is what LAM is all about and that’s why we have adopted the phrase, “We are a LAM-ily”.  Thank you Barb and Corry for setting such a good example for all of us to follow.  God Bless you!

Barb and Corry give Sam a van.

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