LAM Houses

LAM Recovery Houses

On May 31, 2013 Life after Meth opened its first Women’s Boarding House for recovery and on October 9, 2013 the program opened another house for men.  The purpose of these houses is to help incarcerated men and women transition from the Knox County Jail back into the community.

Participants find the LAM houses to be a safe and structured place to live while rebuilding a clean and sober life.  We provide participants assistance in finding jobs, recovering identification such as drivers license, ID cards, Social Security Cards etc.  We provide help in budgeting and taking care of old debt, opening bank accounts and paying bills.

One of our favorite things is to see a mother or father obtain a full time job and work at that job long enough to save their money, move into their own home and be reunited with their children and families.




2 thoughts on “LAM Houses

  1. The Lam House was the best decision that I could have ever made. I learned how to be a responsible member of society. Tania Willis and Peter Haskins believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. Thank you to the both of you. And…every supporter of our program. To the owners of the houses…I am totally and forever grateful! God bless!

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